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CA Primary Is Nightmare for Pelosi, GOP Could Win House Back

While everyone was focused on Super Tuesday, Democrats in California got some nightmare news. And I can assure you Nancy Pelosi is shaking in her boots right now over it.

Based on Tuesday's primary votes, there are nine seats currently held by Democrats in California that Republicans now have the upper hand on.

As J.D. Rucker states at NOQ Report:

Keep two things in mind. First, these aren’t nine seats that are deemed “in play” through some election miracle. These are nine seats currently held by Democrats where Republicans have the upper hand based on analysis of Tuesday’s primary votes. Second—and this is very important to understand—with only one statewide ballot measure, the main draw was the Democratic presidential primary in which Republicans may not vote. That means that even without the draw of a presidential primary choice, nine seats showed Republicans either within striking distance or outright beating Democrats.

This is a huge step for Republicans being able to grab back several of the California Congressional Districts flipped by Democrats during mid-terms.

"With millions of late-arriving mail ballots still uncounted from Tuesday’s election, Republicans have so far combined for a majority of the votes in six of those seven districts. GOP candidates have solid leads in two of them," the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

How 'bout them apples?

The pathway to restoring the House of Representatives is before us.

Particularly in Orange County. Republican candidates were winning a majority of votes in 3 out of 4 targeted districts.

Looks like the "blue wave" may be receding back into the ocean, even in California of all places.


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