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California Caves to Trump: Newsom Says He'll Reopen Churches (but He Doesn't Want Singing)

Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom finally caved to President Trump.

Newsom announced on Monday that he is going to allow churches to reopen in his state. This comes just days after President Trump threatened to override states who didn't abide by his recent order making churches essential.

Along with the President's order, the DOJ also sent Newsom a letter last week warning him that he was discriminating against churches with his lockdown, and instructed him to immediately take steps to reopen houses of worship.

Here's Newsom's announcement:

While many people are thrilled with the news of churches reopening, if you dig a little deeper you'll notice some infuriating provisions Newsom snuck into the reopening guidelines.

Newsom believes he has the authority to tell Christians they cannot sing in church.

Newsom is also trying to limit the capacity in places of worship to 25% or 100 people maximum.

Fox News has more on Newsom's authoritative guidelines:

It is important to note that Newsom did not roll out the same guidelines for restaurants.

There was no number or percentage for capacity requirements when Newsom reopened dine-in restaurants. However, churches are being restricted to a capacity of only 100 people or 25%.

How is this not a violation of the 1st Amendment?


Most people are great except their elected officials


I believe Newsom is either an atheist or satanist

Because he sure doesnt act like a christian in my opinion

Another reason california has not been on my travel list for decades

Vast majority of people in california but the people they elect are definitely anti america and anti christian


Bob Menefee
Bob Menefee
May 26, 2020

This is a plant by this stupid a$$ to bow to his kin Pelosi. He is a complete pice o& pure graft and a dang communist leader for the DevilsRats. This state should be cut loose from America as well as both Washington State and Oregon all three are the states of the New Socialist Devilrat Party not America.

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