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Chicago Mayor Now Pleading with Walmart and Other Companies to Not Leave the City

After the recent George Floyd riots which resulted in a number of large stores looted, retailers are having second thoughts about remaining in certain cities.

In Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot is scrambling to get these retailers to not leave her city.

These companies are crucial for providing residents with the goods they need, but they also pay a lot of taxes which the city needs.

Mayor Lightfoot has been heavily criticized for failing to protect her city during the riots.

More from WBBM:

Mayor Lightfoot Pleads With Walmart, Other Retailers To Not Abandon Chicago
Mayor Lightfoot said she’s hopeful major retailers will reopen the Chicago stores that were looted or otherwise damaged during protests surrounding George Floyd’s killing by police in Minnesota. But, she’s unsure of one of the biggest.
Mayor Lightfoot said she was on a conference call with Walmart and other major retailers that had stores looted or heavily damaged during the unrest in Chicago. She said she pleaded with them to not abandon Chicago.
“I think in the case of Walmart, what they were focused on was assessing the damage. They are doing an effort to donate fresh produce, to the extent of what’s left so it doesn’t perish, and other perishables, and they are taking their time, as I would expect.”

Can anybody blame these companies if they decide to leave the city?

And it's not just Chicago where this is happening. Check out what's going on in Minneapolis:

The George Floyd riots will have a lasting damage to the cities they hit for a long time to come.


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