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Chief of J6 committee claims members never saw security video

The chief of ex-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's partisan committee she assembled to "review" the Jan. 6, 2021, events at the U.S. Capitol, and "investigate," a committee that finished with a report that tried to blame President Trump for just about everything, claims committee members never saw Capitol security video from that day.

It's an issue because Fox News' Tucker Carlson has been given access to that video by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, and it has revealed that many narratives pushed for the last two years by Democrats and other Trump opponents were false.

A statement on social media explained that Rep. Bennie Thompson, a Democrat who chaired the committee for Pelosi, claimed that members didn't see the actual events of that day, from the videos.

A commentary at Twitchy, which monitors social media comments, said, "Well well well, isn't this convenient? Now that Tucker Carlson has released more of the January 6th footage that disproves many of the lame, hateful narratives from the Left (and sadly, two nasty RINOs who are now both officially out of a job) it would appear the committee chairman, Bennie Thompson, is claiming they never had access to the footage."

The editorial notes Thompson's claim that "they just had a bunch of staff go through it."

The committee faced well-earned criticism for its one-sided perspective on the situation, because as it launched orchestrated diatribes over and over against President Trump, members never even considered the culpability of Pelosi, who as speaker had responsibility for the security of the building.

She had refused Trump's offer of additional National Guard troops to protect the building that day.

Commentator Byron York suggested if that's the case, the committee was simply an orchestrated plan to present only one side of the issue, the Democrats' side, to America.

"Chair of the January 6 committee says members never had access to J6 video? That they hired people – the ABC showrunner and his team – to handle it? Meaning the j6 lawmakers were really just the presenters?"

Twitchy suggested the "backpedaling" would now begin. It added, "It must be REALLY bad for Thompson to feign ignorance … Either he's lying or they really did a disservice to these hearings, the American people, and this country."

Other social media comments made clear many viewed Pelosi's committee as nothing more than the means to a "show trial."

"What is the point of a show trial if you have to consider the evidence," said one. Another added, "To be fair, the committee was put in place to produce a pre-ordered outcome. They didn't need to be exposed to any evidence to roll out the playbook guilty verdict."

The committee was shut down just weeks ago, just as members of the GOP became the majority in the U.S. House. They also have promised congressional investigations of a long list of Democrat agenda items from recent years. Many observers viewed the committee as Pelosi's third attempt to "impeach" President Trump, long after he was out of office. Her first two attempts to impeach him and remove him from office failed.

But they appeared to hope that they could prevent him from ever running for office again by repeatedly labeling the riot that day as an "insurrection," and making Trump an "insurrectionist."

CNN reports that one of those GOP investigations now will target those members of Congress on Pelosi's committee.

The report said, "Republicans in the House are beginning to plot multiple probes into the 2021 Capitol attack, including looking into the Democratic-led select committee’s actions from the last Congress, the security failures from that day and potentially even the treatment of January 6 defendants. … The move comes as McCarthy green-lit the release of January 6 security footage to Fox News host Tucker Carlson."

The report said GOP Rep. Barry Loudermilk of Georgia, an ally of McCarthy’s, "will now lead a new GOP probe into January 6, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter. As chairman of the House Administration’s subcommittee on oversight, the Georgia Republican is expected to focus on the select committee and what he’s called security failures leading up to the attack."

He told CNN, "I’m spending some time over there getting my hands wrapped around what we have. We’re going to be looking at what happened in the Capitol. What happened leading up to it? How did we have such a security failure. The January 6 committee, they didn’t take that approach. That should have been something that they looked it. I think they looked more on the political side of it."

The report noted that some of the staff members who worked for the Democrat committee even have been "getting liability insurance," based on possible investigations of their actions.

"Staff knew when taking the job that the GOP might try to claim the investigation was de-legitimate and investigate them if they gained power," a source told CNN.

Curiously, Rep. Zoe Lofgren, a California Democrat who served on the select committee, said House Republicans will be unable to change the story line because on video, which Thompson said members had not seen, "you can clearly see a mob viciously attacking police officers after being spun up by lies told by the ex-president."

Actual video clips now show crowds of people being allowed into the building through doors opened by security officers.

Author: Bob Unruh


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