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Child Rapist Released from Prison to Keep Him Safe from Coronavirus

It's never been a better time to be an incarcerated criminal in the United States.

Child rapist Glenn Christie was just released from prison so he could be kept safe from the coronavirus.

Christie is a registered sex offender who was convicted of “indecent assault and battery on a child under 14 years of age,” “rape and abuse of a child,” and “dissemination of matter harmful to minors.”

The rape occurred back in 2005 and the victim was an innocent 12-year-old boy.

Here's his case from the Sex Offender Registry Board:

The 12-year-old boy (whom the records refer to as Daniel) testified that he was repeatedly raped by the pedophile while he and his mother were living with the man.

“He testified further that he briefly complied with the defendant’s request that he penetrate the defendant anally. He also testified that the defendant went into a ‘porn store’ while Daniel waited in the car, and purchased a ‘sex toy,’ described at trial as a ‘fake penis,’ and two digital video discs (DVDs).”

“The defendant also inserted the sex toy into Daniel’s anus, stopping when Daniel said he was ‘uncomfortable.’ Daniel also testified that he later saw ‘two men having sexual intercourse’ on the other DVD," the records indicate.

Christie's lawyer, upon hearing about the coronavirus outbreak, scrambled to take advantage of the situation by requesting his release. His reasoning was that his client is "vulnerable" to the coronavirus because of his poor health and the fact that he's in a wheel chair.

Christie was currently being held for violating his probation conditions that were set after his initial release for raping the young boy.


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