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Chris Wallace Runs to Democrats Defense During Amy Coney Barrett Hearing

Democrats have managed to turn Monday into an Obamacare hearing. One-by-one the panelists on the Senate Judiciary Committee presented photos of patients - many of them children - with pre-existing conditions, suggesting that their health care protections will be wiped away if Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett gets on the court. As Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) put it, a Justice Barrett would "take health care from millions of people during a deadly pandemic." Because she's criticized Chief Justice John Roberts's tie breaking decision in 2012 to save the ACA's individual mandate. 

While the Senate Judiciary was taking a lunch break, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace interrupted the analyses of a few of his guests, including constitutional scholar and George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley.

Turley and Wallace added their own two cents about what a Justice Amy Coney Barrett would mean for the ACA. Turley rejected the allegation that there will be a majority of votes to overturn the entire act. And Wallace interjected to defend the Democrats' arguments.

"The point I'm simply making is this, that's what the court did," Wallace said. "You're predicting how judges, including one, who's not even on the court yet, is going to vote. The fact is for Democrats to talk about these individual people and to say that their lives might be at stake, is not an irrational leap."

Conservatives are already annoyed with Chris Wallace for his behavior during the first presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden. Even the president said it felt like he was debating two people.


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