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CNN Pundit Says Trump Is 'Retarded' — It Doesn't End Well for Her

On Tuesday a CNN pundit had the audacity to refer to President Trump as "retarded."

Sophia Nelson, who is a frequent guest on CNN, was responding to a tweet from anti-Trump Republican Rick Wilson.

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Here's what she said:

Nelson's decision to call the President of the United States "retarded" did not end well for her.

The internet blew up and she was shamed by people all across the nation.

Nelson explained that she ended up deleting the tweet after a father of a special needs child called her out for using the derogatory term.

Nelson admitted she understands why people are offended by the term "retarded," but she then went and defended her use of the word. She said among her generation it was used often in the past, and asserted that calling Trump "retarded" was "being kind."

Nelson is a senior adviser to an organization whose sole mission is to stop Trump and encourage Trump supporters to abandon him.

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