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Coronavirus May Impact People Differently Based On Blood Type, New Study Reveals

As researchers scramble to figure out the secrets of the coronavirus so they can build a defense against it, a new study has made a potentially big discovery.

The study looked at a group of coronavirus patients in China, including individuals who died from the virus.

It found that people with different blood types exhibited different reactions when infected with COVID-19.

“People with blood group A have a significantly higher risk for acquiring COVID-19 compared with non-A blood groups, whereas blood group O has a significantly lower risk for the infection compared with non-O blood groups,” the study reported.

The study also found that of those people infected, people with type A blood had more severe symptoms compared to those with type O.

More via Fox News:

Researchers studying COVID-19 in its outbreak epicenter, Wuhan, and the city of Shenzhen found the proportion of Type-A patients both infected and killed by the disease to be “significantly” higher than those with the same blood type in the general public.
Type O patients, meanwhile, made up a smaller proportion of both those infected and killed by the virus.
“People of blood group A might need particularly strengthened personal protection to reduce the chance of infection,” wrote the researchers at the Centre for Evidence-Based and Translational Medicine based out of Wuhan.

Very interesting.

So should people with type A blood be panicking? No.

What about those with type O, are they 100% in the clear? No.

Scientists not involved with the study say that a larger sample size is needed before these findings begin guiding medical practices.

For now it is imperative for everybody to still wash their hands, practice social distancing, and follow the guidelines issued by authorities.

Prayers for president Trump today as he continues to guide our nation through these tumultuous times.


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