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Dem Senator Under Fire for 'Secret Meeting' with Iran Officials

Democrat Senator Chris Murphy just admitted that he and other Democrats had a secret meeting last week with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

Senator Murphy voted not long ago to impeach President Trump. Apparently there is nothing wrong with meeting with "adversaries", but only if those meetings are held by Democrats.

Trump told reporters on Tuesday that Senator Murphy's meeting "sounds to me like a violation of the Logan Act."

If Trump is correct, it sounds like Senator Murphy may soon be in some big trouble for his secret meeting.

Here's more from the Washington Free Beacon:

Murphy met with Zarif after criticizing the Trump administration's Middle East policy in a speech to the Munich Security Conference last week. Murphy remained silent when reports of the meeting emerged on Monday, but acknowledged he met with top Iranian regime officials in a Medium post published Tuesday.
"For years, I have met on occasion with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, during both the Obama and Trump Administrations," he wrote. "I have no delusions about Iran—they are our adversary, responsible for the killing of thousands of Americans and unacceptable levels of support for terrorist organizations throughout the Middle East. But I think it's dangerous to not talk to your enemies."
Murphy, whose office did not respond to a request for comment, wrote that he and Zarif discussed U.S. prisoners held in Iran, belligerent actions from the Iranian-aligned Houthis in Yemen, and Iranian responses to what Murphy called "the Soleimani assassination."

It wasn't until Pompeo shed light to Murphy's meeting that he admitted it.

"He's the foreign minister for a country that shot down an airliner and has yet to turn over the black boxes," Pompeo said.

Senator Murphy tried to defend his secret meeting, but only ended digging himself in even deeper.

"If Trump isn't going to talk to Iran, then someone should. And Congress is a co-equal branch of government, responsible along with the Executive for setting foreign policy," stated Murphy.


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