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Disrespectful Reporter Snaps at Trump After He Plays Video Savaging the Media, So He Buries Her

The poor little baby just couldn't handle Trump forcing her to sit in silence and watch him expose all her network's lies.

After the reporter continues to nag the president and show him zero respect, he finally has enough and lets her have it.

Check it out:

I bet this woman is a real treat to know in person (not).

Who thinks she should be disinvited from future press briefings?

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I know this, I never want to hear another word out of her mouth. It’s ear pollution. Psychological warfare from little dummies who never learned to see the big picture, much less anticipate problems, like the backlash of their own hypocrisy. How can they listen when they keep talking? How can they hear the President over their own screams? They can’t and never intended to, and that is the main problem. They lack a heart for the truth.

Hey MSM, it’s your lie, tell it like you want to, but do it somewhere else!

My gosh, we have to listen to Nancy Pants insult the President (for now), which is torture. What does she call it, “truthification”?

We do not…

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