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Donald Trump Sums Up in 90 Devastating Seconds Everything That is Wrong with America Right Now

There are times when pictures speak louder than words. Now is one of those times.

Donald Trump’s Save America Pac has produced one of the most devastating political videos you will ever see. It perfectly captures the crisis and the chaos that Americans are feeling right now. Watch:

The Save America PAC is committed to the following America First principles:

  • We are committed to defending innocent life and to upholding the Judeo-Christian values of our founding.

  • We believe in the promise of the Declaration of Independence, that we are all made EQUAL by our Creator, and that must all be TREATED equal under the law.

  • We know that our rights do not come from government, they come from God, and no earthly force can ever take those rights away. That includes the right to religious liberty and the right to Keep and Bear Arms.

  • We believe in rebuilding our previously depleted military and ending the endless wars our failed politicians of the past got us into for decades.

  • We embrace free thought, we welcome robust debate, and we are not afraid to stand up to the oppressive dictates of political correctness.

  • We know that the rule of law is the ultimate safeguard of our freedoms, and we affirm that the Constitution means exactly what it says AS WRITTEN.

  • We support fair trade, low taxes, and fewer job-killing regulations, and we know that America must always have the most powerful military on the face of the Earth.

  • We believe in Law and Order, and we believe that the men and women of law enforcement are HEROES who deserve our absolute support.

  • We believe in FREE SPEECH and Fair Elections. We must ensure fair, honest, transparent, and secure elections going forward – where every LEGAL VOTE counts.

The Trump-approved video comes amid numerous Biden disasters, including the surrender in Afghanistan and botched military withdrawal, which is rapidly becoming one of the most humiliating foreign policy crises in American history.

When you add in the border crisis that has led to millions of illegal migrants pouring across our borders, tens of thousands of incoming Afghan refugees, soaring inflation that is straining Americans’ budgets, skyrocketing gas prices that have led to further strain and foreign oil and gas dependency, and a Covid pandemic that seems to never end due in part to moving goalposts that never quite get met, it’s all a recipe for a brewing catastrophe of historic proportions.

Biden voters will have to own the damage to this great country that their president has wrought. But if you voted for Trump, then your conscience is clear. Now, Americans need to organize to take their country back. It starts with election integrity and making sure that weak leaders like Biden can never get elected again.

Author: Kyle Becker

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Jimmy Lane
Jimmy Lane
Aug 28, 2021

Why not lock all of the swamp rats up along with all the ones that r involved in al the corruption going on including the FBI that is involved and especially Biden’s son pencil neck Polosi shummer and a lot more of the corrupt bunch

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