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Donna Brazile Suffers Serious Meltdown After RNC, Plays Victim Card

This right here is how you know night one of the Republican National Convention was a huge success.

Left-wing operative Donna Brazile suffered a serious meltdown on "Fox & Friends" this morning during an interview with conservative contributor Tammy Bruce.

It began when Tammy Bruce pointed out the clear difference between the DNC and the RNC following night one of the convention. Democrats spent all their time focusing on American sins. The RNC instead chose to focus on hope, gratitude, and growth.

Brazile couldn't handle the truth, and immediately went to "400 years of slavery" after Tammy spoke of the Democrat Party's refusal to condemn the rioters and looters wreaking havoc on America.

Take a look:

Donna Brazile has clearly lost her mind.

Following her outrageous remarks during the segment, viewers across the nation began calling for Fox News to fire her.

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