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Hillary says people should 'say gay' all the time


Hillary Clinton, over the course of running for the office of president twice, and losing twice, has been an open advocate for homosexuality.

She's called "gay rights" "human rights" and promoted gay marriage. She's slammed others who disagree with her sexual lifestyle choice agenda. She's made fun of those who disagree with her.

But now she's taken it to a new level, insisting that people say "gay" all the time.

As in, "Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay," apparently.

It is the NeonNettle blog that is reporting on her comments on a podcast with comedian Kate McKinnon.

There, a listener reportedly asked, "What are your thoughts on the state of attack we find on the LGBTQ+ community with Florida’s 'Don't Say Gay' bill passing 22-to-17 and Texas anti-trans agenda."

Clinton said, "Oh my gosh, well, first off, it is profoundly outrageous and deeply sad that people in positions of power in our country who are more interested in undermining and opposing the rights of individuals than they are in bringing people together," she said, "I think people have to stand up to it.

"The idea ‘don’t say gay,’ I think people should go around saying gay all the time."

McKinnon joined in, "Let’s say it now."

Together, they said, "Gay, gay, gay."

The conversation actually was based on a misunderstanding, or more likely a misrepresentation, of the Florida law that has triggered leftists nationwide to rant about the "Don't say gay" plan.

The law actually is a basic parental rights law that protects young children in Florida's schools from indoctrination into alternative sexual lifestyle choices.

The law doesn't have any reference to "Don't say gay," and that is a slogan created by its opponents to try to control the narrative about parental rights to what instruction their children in kindergarten through third grade get.

Author: WND Staff


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