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Hunter Biden's $450,000 Tax Debt Mysteriously 'Resolved' Despite His Having No Discernible Income

A large tax debt owed to the government by the son of former Vice President Joe Biden has disappeared, according to a report.

Hunter Biden, who has faced scrutiny over allegedly profiting from businesses internationally using his father’s influence, recently told a court in his Arkansas paternity case that he was out of work and broke.

The Washington Free Beacon reported Saturday that despite the younger Biden’s reported personal and financial woes, he was able to resolve a six-figure tax debt in a short period of time.

“Hunter Biden was hit with a $450,000 lien in July over delinquent state income taxes, which he paid off in six days despite having no discernible income,” the Free Beacon’s Alana Goodman reported.

The ability to pay nearly half a million dollars in back taxes in less than a week seems to contradict statements from Biden to an Arkansas court that he could not afford to pay child support.

In January, Biden agreed to pay the mother of a child he fathered in Arkansas, despite not having a job, retroactive to November 2018, Fox News reported.

Biden failed to turn over documents relevant to his income and was held in contempt of court, according to Fox.

After a court-ordered paternity test, Biden was found to be the child’s father.

There was also a legal dustup concerning how much Biden’s permanent monthly child support payment would be calculated.

The paternity and child support case in Arkansas furthers the mystery surrounding Biden’s ability to pay off the reported tax debt.

“A spokesman for D.C.’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer confirmed that Hunter Biden’s lien was released on July 15 after the ‘tax issue was resolved.’ The office declined to say whether Biden had paid off the debt,” The Free Beacon reported.

It is unclear what income, if any, Biden has at the moment, as his father seeks to unseat President Donald Trump in November.

Biden has been linked to a series of financial scandals.

After being hired by Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings in 2014, Biden was paid a salary of $83,333 a month, Fox reported.

The high salary was paid despite the former VP’s son holding a job as a non-executive “ceremonial figure.”

It was also said by three individuals close to Biden’s Burisma deal that he never visited Ukraine, despite the exorbitant salary, according to Reuters.

Biden was reportedly paid that salary from April 2014 until November 2015.

He did not step down from Burisma until last year, a time period in which his salary was as much $50,000 per month, according to The New York Times.

There is also widespread speculation about Biden’s potential income stemming from business dealings in China.

The New York Post outlined how Biden became involved in a billion-dollar business venture with Chinese investors who were back by the state-owned Bank of China.

“In December 2013, Hunter landed in Beijing aboard Air Force Two, accompanying his father on an official visit to China. Less than two weeks later, Hunter’s company, Rosemont Seneca, became a partner in a new investment,” the report read.

“Hunter Biden claimed to the New Yorker that he and his partners have not seen any money from the BHR deal. But even if true, the potential payouts are significant.”

Biden is not drawing salaries from his previous business deals, according to the Free Beacon.

In Biden’s 2017 divorce, his former wife claimed he sent the family into financial ruin by spending money on “drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, strip clubs and gifts for women with whom he had sexual relations.”

Kathleen Biden said the family was left with massive debts by Biden’s alleged activities, including tax debt, medical bills and credit cards that were maxed out.


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