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Ilhan Omar Gets Absolutely Crushed After Trashing Ivanka's Family

Ivanka Trump shared a heartwarming photo of her spending time with her kids as the nation has been encouraged to stay home.

She was playing with her children in a homemade tent. The photo was adorable.

But not for terrorist-sympathizer Ilhan Omar, who apparently took serious issue with it.

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Omar responded to Ivanka's photo by accusing the Trump administration of "separating families from their children" at the border.

Well as you could imagine that didn't go over very well with many Americans, including conservative superstar Candace Owens.

Candace Owens nearly broke the internet with her legendary response to Rep. Omar:

"Thinking of all the families separated, by you sleeping with their husbands, and using your campaign funds to do it." Dang, that's gonna leave a mark!

My hats off to one of the most savage tweets in the history of Twitter.

In case you missed it, here is the original tweet from Ivanka that sent Rep. Omar over the edge:

How anybody could take issue with this tweet I have no idea.

And then here is Omar's sickening response:

All I want to know is why does Omar have to be so hateful? Ivanka was simply sharing a light-hearted family suggestion, and Omar had to be so spiteful and mean. No true leader would do such a thing.

Here's to hoping Omar is out of office soon.

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