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Ilhan Omar Makes Dumbest Statement Possible about Stopping Coronavirus

According to Ilhan Omar, socialized medicine can save us from the coronavirus now.

Yes, seriously.

What she seems to have forgotten is the fact that the coronavirus came from a socialized medicine country.

It's hard being that dumb, my hat's off to her.

Check it out:

So wait a second, let me get this straight.

If we turn our entire health care industry over to the government and pay tens of billions of dollars for "free" health care, it'll magically help stop the coronavirus?

Rep. Omar is ignoring the fact that the coronavirus outbreak began in China, a communist nation desperately trying to use a socialized system to cover all its citizens.

If you've been following the news at all, you'd know China's response to the deadly virus has been nothing short of horrifying.

They've silenced whistleblowers. They've refused to turn over info on the lab where experts believe the coronavirus may have been born. And they've built remote hospitals to house patients with the virus because their current system can't hold them.

And for some unbeknownst reason Ilhan Omar thinks adapting a system similar to China's is our solution to beating the coronavirus?


Now, we should note that China's healthcare system is "fully" socialized yet, but it might as well be. The country is currently re-socializing its health care.

I pray there will be a cure for the coronavirus very soon. What it will be and when we will have it, I can't tell you.

But one thing I can promise you, is that it most certainly won't be socialized healthcare.

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