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In Arizona's troubled election system, recounts now looming

One of the impacts of election systems that are not properly prepared for election day and fail is that they cast doubt on entire ballot results.

And that's the case now in Arizona, with multiple recounts possible, following that state's system failure on election day.

Just the News cited the "widespread irregularities" that happened on election day, and noted several races, such as the ones for attorney general and public instruction superintendent, still are not over.

"As of Tuesday night, GOP attorney general candidate Abraham Hamadeh was trailing Democrat nominee Kris Mayes by 771 votes, according to the unofficial results reported by the Arizona secretary of state's office. The percentages of each candidate was 50.0%. In the superintendent race, Republican nominee Tom Horne led Democratic incumbent Kathy Hoffman by 8,576 votes, which is 0.4% of the vote," the report explained.

So recounts are lining up.

In Arizona, the requirement for a recount is that the difference between the candidates being less than one half of one percent of the total votes.

"In the governor's race, Kari Lake was trailing Secretary of State Katie Hobbs by just 0.7% as of Tuesday night, just shy of the trigger for an automatic recount. Lake tweeted on Monday night, following a wave of media projections calling the election for Hobbs: 'Arizonans know BS when they see it,'" Just the News reported.

A test is scheduled next week to see if the machine count was actually accurate.

The state's most populated county, Maricopa, had multiple issues with ballot on demand printers in dozens and dozens of vote centers.

It caused ballots not to be counted.

Voters were then told they could simply wait until the machines worked, vote somewhere else, or drop their ballot off.

Ericka Knight, an activist related to "Just the News, Not Noise," TV show about her experience.

"Maricopa County was absolutely insane. I mean, I woke up to messages everywhere about, you know, this polling location is closed, people are in line, they're kicking them out, this polling location is closed, whatever.

"We "got in line, I got my ballot, filled it out, went to the machines, and it was rejected. Then they said, 'Go over to the other machine,' it was rejected. And then they sent me back to the other machine, and it was rejected. And finally, after about 10 times, we spoiled it. I went through that again, I spoiled another one. And finally, my third ballot and about, you know, five or six times they finally accepted it."

Which may not be answered any time soon.

After all, it's been two years since Joe Biden was put in the White House, and voters didn't know at the time, but do now, that at least two outside influences likely took the victory away from Trump.

One was that Mark Zuckerberg handed out more than $400 million, through foundations, to local elections officials who often used the money to recruit Democrat voters.

Second was the FBI's decision to interfere in the election by telling social media companies to suppress negative information about the Biden family's income, millions of dollars, from questionable sources in Russia and China.

The FBI claimed it was "Russian disinformation," but knew at the time it wasn't, that it was accurate reporting.

Now comes the Arizona fight.

A commentary at the Conservative Treehouse noted Hobbs had been declared the winner.

"I’m not going to try and impart some great wisdom over this, I am likely more disappointed than most, other than to point out the brutally and painfully obvious. Any electioneering process that takes six days to determine the winner and permits weeks of ballot collection within the construct, is no longer an election based on votes," the commentary said.

"I’m not sure what to call these multi-week ballot collection contests, but they do not resemble any election that I can reference in any other western nation. Kari Lake was clearly the superior candidate, and Katie Hobbs is genuinely – no snark – a doofus. However, in this new ballot collection electioneering process, you can make the argument that candidate quality is essentially irrelevant."

HeadlineUSA reported former President Donald Trump, targeted by the FBI's scheming during 2020, said, "Wow! They just took the election away from Kari Lake. "It's really bad out there!"

That report noted, "It took less than a week for either egregiously incompetent or blatantly corrupt officials in Maricopa County, Arizona, to once again make a mockery of election integrity, as Democrat governor candidate Katie Hobbs, the incumbent secretary of state, appeared anxious Monday to certify a contentious election that she allegedly won over Republican challenger Kari Lake."

Author: Bob Unruh

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Katie Hobbs should have stepped down from being in charge of elections, as a conflict of interest. This makes Arizona a laughing stock of the country. The news agencies are saying that the people of Maricopa county should go back to school and learn how to count. This makes two elections that have been nothing but screw-ups. Maybe whoever actually becomes governor and I don’t for one minute think that Katie Hobbs won, should follow the way Florida does their counting. They are larger than Maricopa county, yet their whole states votes were coun on Election Day.

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