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Joe Biden Rips off an Oddly Racist Statement, Leaves Onlookers Completely Perplexed

While Americans suffer under extreme gas prices and Ukraine continues to be invaded by Russia, Joe Biden is ripping off oddly racist statements, leaving onlookers completely perplexed. Honestly, I’m not sure I have 500 words of analysis on this, but this is just too insane not to share.

On Tuesday, Biden flew to Forth Worth, TX, along with the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, to visit a VA hospital and deliver remarks. According to his schedule, the trip was made to discuss the exposure of veterans to environmental hazards such as burn pits. That has become a pet issue for the president ever since he began to (without evidence) connect it to his late son developing cancer years later.

As Biden was speaking, this happened.

I have no idea what I just watched nor what Biden’s point was. I realize the clip is edited, and perhaps there’s more context, but what context could possibly explain the president suggesting a congressman looks like a suicide bomber? That’s the most straightforward explanation for saying he looks like “he can bomb you,” right?

Still, you can expect the “fact-checkers” to jump into action here, attempting to read Biden’s mind as a way to explain away what he said. Did he actually mean “He looks like he can hit a bomb off you,” as in hitting a home run? I have no idea, and neither does any fact-checker that is going to inevitably gnash their teeth over this article and others like it. Of note is that it is not my job to translate for this senile old man nor to make excuses for his complete inability to produce a sentient thought.

So whether he meant to say what he said or not, the senility is the point. Biden is a man who can’t even read a teleprompter properly, and he’s also a man who clearly has problems controlling what comes out of his mouth. It’s common for older men in decline to begin to lose their filters. We’ve seen multiple examples of that from the president over the last several years.

I’ll end with the obligatory “What if Trump had said this?” I’m pretty sure it would be a major story and eat up at least a week of the news cycle. But Biden being a quasi-racist geriatric is just par for the course, I suppose. The only mention you’ll see of his comment in the mainstream media will be from those trying to brush what he said under the rug.

Author: Bonchie


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