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Kansas City Chiefs Stars Speak Out on Potential White House Visit: 'That Would Be Great'

Following their incredible Super Bowl victory, multiple players from the Kansas City Chiefs are speaking out regarding visiting the White House.

“That would be great to go to the White House,” wide receiver Tyreek Hill told The Kansas City Star.

Another player, safety Tyrann Mathiew, said there would be an overall willingness from the team to accept a White House invite.

“I’m here to represent the Kansas City Chiefs. I think my teammates feel the same way. Any time we get the opportunity to represent Kansas City the right way, represent our teammates the right way, I don’t see any wrong in that,” he declared.

Cornerback Bashaud Breeland chimed in by saying, "We had to get this game down first and now we know got a trip going to the White House.”

And it's not just the players who are choosing to choosing to respect the office of the presidency.

The Chiefs' head coach, Andy Reid, sounded humbled and eager to accept a White House invite.

“I haven’t thought about that. I mean, I’ll be there. So, if they’re inviting us, I’ll be here. … It’s quite an honor," Reid said.

You may recall the last few years have been quite controversial when it comes to White House visits.

Last years Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots, chose to not visit the White House. They claimed it was due to scheduling conflicts. In all fairness, the majority of the team did visit the White House just a few months into Trump's presidency.

But the 2018 champs, the Philadelphia Eagles, were a different story.

“In 2018, the Philadelphia Eagles were disinvited by Trump after some players said they would skip the ceremony to protest the president and his rhetoric over player demonstrations during the playing of the national anthem before games,” The Washington Post reported.

Word is that Trump has not officially invited the Chiefs, however I'm sure it's coming.

Great to see the Kansas City Chiefs putting politics aside and respecting the office of the President of the United States.



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