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Lifelong Democrat Voter Says That Streak Is Over After Pelosi Stunt on COVID Bill

Turns out Pelosi's decision to put her own personal interests ahead of the well-being of Americans isn't going to end well for her.

Or for the Democratic Party as a whole, for that matter.

Meet Dr. Karlyn Borysenko.

Dr. Barysenko has been a lifelong Democrat voter, never once having voted against the party.

But that streak is officially coming to an end after she witnessed what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to pull with the COVID relief bill.

You may have heard: Pelosi derailed the bipartisan coronavirus relief package at the last minute and shamelessly tried to use it as an opportunity to advance her far-left agenda.

She stuffed the bill with tons of things that had nothing to do with helping the people and companies impacted by the coronavirus.

Pelosi even tried to demand within the bill that we adopt vote-by-mail for the presidential election.

Honestly, we should have seen it coming.

But what Pelosi must have failed to realize, is that the American people were going to see right through her disgraceful tactics.

And that ultimately the Democratic Party was going to have to pay a hefty price for putting their own priorities ahead of the peoples.

Dr. Borysenko's story is a perfect example.

After witnessing what Pelosi did, Dr. Borysenko made it clear that the Democrats bill cemented her decision to walk away from the party.

Take a look:

The Democrats already didn't stand a chance in the 2020 election. Now they are even more screwed. And they have nobody to blame but themselves.


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