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Loudoun County School Board Member Submits Resignation After Cover-Up of Sexual Assaults on Campus

A Loudoun County school board member submitted her resignation on Friday following confirmed reports of sexual assaults on campus in the girl’s bathroom.

Angry parents confronted a coverup of sexual assault as a direct result of the school’s transgender policy allowing biological males into the ladies restroom.

Parents attended a Loudoun County school board meeting Tuesday evening and called for the resignation of school board members.

On May 28, a male ‘transgender’ student wore a skirt when he raped a 14-year-old girl in the girl’s bathroom at Stone Bridge High School. The school district’s policy allows male students to use the girl’s bathroom and vice versa.

According to reports, the same transgender student committed a SECOND sexual assault at another Loudoun County school after he was transferred out.

Not only did the school officials cover up the incidents to ‘prevent controversy over their transgender policy,’ but they also arrested and prosecuted the girl’s father after he tried to sound the alarm at a school board meeting.

Beth Barts submitted her resignation, effective November 2 – her statement read in part:

“I have remained dedicated throughout my tenure to providing the best service to the community that I could. While I look forward to a return to a simpler life of volunteer service, I will miss my office hours and the conversations I had with so many of you in our community.”

ABC 7 reported school officials also released a statement about Barts’ resignation:

“I want to thank Board Member Barts for her service to the Leesburg District,” said School Board Chair Brenda L. Sheridan. “The School Board will announce its process for filling the Leesburg seat at its October 26 meeting and anticipates filling this position at its December 14 meeting.”

Barts’ resignation comes as the rape victim’s father, Scott Smith, prepares to sue the school.

Loudoun County Public Schools superintendent Dr. Scott Ziegler responded to angry parents on Friday.



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