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Major state sues Biden for trying to create nationwide abortion mandate

One of the schemes launched by the Biden administration in its attempts to resurrect the Roe v. Wade abortion precedent across the United States, even after the defective Supreme Court ruling from 1973 has been abandoned by the court itself, was to tell hospitals nationwide that abortions are emergencies and hospitals are require to provide emergency care.

Now the state of Texas is suing over the strategy.

"Biden is attempting to twist federal law to force abortions in TX," said a statement from Attorney General Ken Paxton. "SCOTUS returned the issue to states. TX law protects pre-born life. Biden's HHS is attempting to undo all that."

He continued, "Not on my watch. I just filed suit. Ill ensure the left's abortion agenda can't reach TX babies."

The Gateway Pundit said it was the dedicated abortion fan, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, a lawyer without health care management experience when Biden appointed him, who wrote to health care providers across the nation.

His message, the report explained, was that "If they didn’t follow the order [to provide abortions] their Medicare provider agreement could terminated or they could end up face financial penalties."

Becerra claimed, "Federal law pre-empts state abortion bans in cases where women face medical emergencies associated with pregnancy under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act. If an abortion is necessary to treat a woman facing a medical emergency, physicians must offer the procedure, the health secretary wrote," according to the report.

Becerra threatened hospitals with the loss of their Medicare provider agreement.

His threats are just one of several moves by Democrats to try to reimpose Roe on the nation. They also are demanding Congress write it into the law, but that already has failed. And they want Biden to issue executive orders mandating abortion.

Author: Bob Unruh


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