Obama Emerges from Shadows, Pushes Dem Ballot Fraud Scheme

Barack Obama has emerged from the shadows to try to use the coronavirus pandemic to radically transform America.

Despite what the Democratic party says about the importance of "democracy," the sad truth is that they actually hate it and are hell-bent on trying to destroy it.

Former president Obama somehow thinks he can use his star power to help Democrats push their latest ballot fraud scheme through.

Democrats know they don't stand a chance at beating Trump in 2020. And rather than actually presenting a valid set of ideas to improve our nation, they are instead trying to rig the election using 'vote-by-mail.'

On Friday Barack Hussein Obama tried convincing Americans we need to shut down polls and replace them with an illegitimate remote voting system that would be a breeding grounds for fraud.

More from the New York Post:

Former President Barack Obama strongly denounced the Wisconsin state-wide elections, which went ahead this week despite concerns about spreading the deadly COVID-19 virus.
Obama said the pandemic should lead Americans to embrace vote-by-mail options.
“No one should be forced to choose between their right to vote and their right to stay healthy like the debacle in Wisconsin this week,” he said in a Friday Twitter thread. “Everyone should have the right to vote safely, and we have the power to make that happen. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue.
“Let’s not use the tragedy of a pandemic to compromise our democracy. Check the facts of vote-by-mail,” he added.

Democrats are exploiting a worldwide pandemic and cherry-picking the Michigan primary to try to make their case for a fraudulent voting system.

And who better to push it then the most corrupt president our nation has ever had.

The left failed trying to dismantle the Electoral College and federalize elections under the disguise of "election security."

So now they are going all in on the vote-by-mail scam.

Over the next few weeks you can expect the mainstream media to support the Democratic push for remote voting. They will lie and say Trump is wrong for pointing out the systems countless downfalls.

They are convinced this will be their ticket to regaining power. But they will soon to find out that most Americans see through their BS and will be voting to re-elect Trump for the four more years he deserves.