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Outrage as Biden Gives Soros Nonprofit $164 Million to Help Criminal Migrants Escape Punishment

Even as the White House claims that Joe Biden is not soft on crime, it has been reported that his administration has the potential to give nearly $200 million to a Soros-linked group to help criminal illegals escape punishment.

Federal budget watchdog Open the Books revealed that Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services awarded a $164 million contract to left-wing advocacy organization Vera Institute of Justice to fund lawyers for illegal aliens and undocumented minors, according to Just the News.

The award started as a $158 million contract in 2021, but this year HHS added an additional $6 million to the till. And some sources say that Biden is looking to make the contract rise to $198 million when all is said and done, Just the News reported.

The left-wing Vera Institute of Justice is funded in part by anti-American billionaire George Soros and has reportedly been given more than $10 million by Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

“The Vera Institute of Justice is a behemoth progressive nonprofit based out of New York City with well over a $140 million budget, which they use to fund a slate of progressive causes and initiatives across the country,” the Immigration Reform Law Institute’s Jason Hopkins told Fox News. “Whether that be criminal justice reform, bail reform and also immigration.”

A major problem with this program is that it tends to encourage illegal migration. If illegals think that any infraction they perpetrate will be smoothed over by lawyers paid for by the very government whose laws they are breaking, what will stop them from continuing to stream over the border?

To date, the HHS cash is set to be doled out to five programs, according to Just the News:

  • “$9.4 million for EOIR, which refers to the Executive Office for Immigration Review

  • $12.7 million for legal orientation program

  • $4.7 million for family group legal orientation program

  • $4.6 million for ‘immigration court help desk’

  • $5.3 million for legal orientation for unaccompanied alien children custodians”

“The Vera Institute seeks to set up a parallel public defender system that they run with your tax dollars,” said Adam Andrzejewski, the CEO and founder of Open the Books, Just the News reported.

“With hundreds of millions in taxpayer funding, they are seeking a legal subsidy for illegal entrants. This has troubling public policy implications. For example, Vera is a non-profit entity and is not government. Therefore, they are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act, so citizens don’t have a right to know and can’t follow the money.”

This deep pocket donation to illegal aliens underscores the fact that Joe Biden has been soft on crime since entering office.

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy recently blasted Biden for failing to corral the rising class of soft-on-crime Democrats.

“Soft-on-crime politicians are destroying our country. Both President Biden and VP Harris have indulged the soft-on-crime far left for political gain, helping create a climate hostile to law enforcement,” McCarthy said, according to Fox. “It has been an absolute disaster.”

McCarthy went on slam Biden for refusing to condemn far-left Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, saying, “Now, Biden lacks the courage to condemn a far-left prosecutor in New York City who refuses to prosecute crime, downgrades felony charges for crimes like armed robbery and releases criminals on low bail.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki recently went on the defensive over Biden’s stance on crime. Psaki insisted claims that Biden is soft on crime have “no basis” in fact, The Hill reported.

She added that Biden’s American Rescue Plan contains funds to hire more police, but she then went on to claim — without evidence — that high crime is caused by lax gun laws.

Polls show that only one in three voters approve of Biden’s handling of crime, according to ABC News.

Indeed, the polls show that Biden’s approval rating on crime has tanked since October.

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Bart A Canada
Bart A Canada
08 feb 2022

If Trump had done what Biden has repeatedly been doing it would be the crime of the century and all would be demanding immediate removal from office and for maximum punishments of all involved.

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