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Pelosi Gives Mind-Boggling Reason for Biden's Low Poll Numbers: She Thinks You're Just Ignorant

By Isa Cox

Speaking with MSNBC on Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attempted to explain away President Joe Biden’s low approval rating ahead of his first State of the Union address by accusing Americans of simply not knowing how amazing his presidency has been so far.

Speaking with anchor Andrea Mitchell, Pelosi was asked about the flaming dumpster fire that is the president’s job performance and how polling reflects the public sentiment regarding that utter and complete disaster.

Leading up to Biden’s first SOTU address on Tuesday night, his approval ratings sank to 37 percent, the lowest they have been since he took office.

“The polls show Americans deeply pessimistic about the economy,” Mitchell noted to Pelosi, as PJ Media reported. “Inflation is only going to rise with what’s happening on the energy front with this war. What do you attribute to that? … The decline in the President’s polls—even on COVID, on how he’s handled it—what can you do to turn this around?”

Pelosi was on the offensive in a flash and quickly turned crippling gas prices and the impending doom of World War III right back around on the American public, blaming their ignorance for the cynically low poll numbers.

“Well, I think tonight’s going to be very important, because for people to appreciate what the president has done, and working together with Congress, they have to know what it is,” she responded, before going on to misquote Abraham Lincoln.

President Lincoln said, ‘Public sentiment is everything. With it, you can accomplish almost everything. Without it practically nothing,’” she continued.

PJ Media noted that the real quote, in fact, is, “Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it, nothing can succeed.” But even if we graciously accept her paraphrase, it’s a rather inconvenient reference, considering she was asked to address Biden’s lack of supportive public sentiment to begin with.

Does she seriously think that Americans are so clueless that a majority of us disapprove of Biden’s performance because we simply don’t know what he’s doing?

And, what’s more, that hearing him prattle off the speech written for him — as lawmakers appropriately clap and stand and all his emotionally-evocative guests are introduced — is the thing that’s going to turn public sentiment around?

In other words, does Nancy Pelosi think that Biden will win back the public’s trust by simply telling us what a great job he’s doing?

My dear Madame Speaker, there isn’t a State of the Union address rousing or informative enough to counter what Americans have been living through for the past year, even if we had the slightest bit of confidence that the president could appear coherent enough to pull off such an oratory speech to begin with — which was highly dubious at best.

The same people she thinks simply don’t know enough about Biden to support him are the ones seeing the numbers climb perilously each time we fill up the tank or ring up our groceries. We’re the same ones facing job losses over his aggressive vaccine mandates. We’re the ones whose young men and women face being sent off to fight a world war he seems to have basically walked us right into — one we know Russian President Vladimir Putin likely never would have had the gumption to try to start when Biden’s predecessor was in office.

Yet she has the audacity to suggest that we disapprove of his job performance because we just don’t know any better?

Rather than convince Mitchell or her viewers that Biden can turn his poll numbers, Pelosi seems to have instead reminded the American public exactly why the president’s numbers are so low.

We are getting sick and tired of being talked down to by ancient politicians who think that pleasing us is as simple as telling us we don’t know any better when we disapprove of their performance and to just shut up and listen to how awesome they are instead.

Yeah. Hard pass.

Author: Isa Cox

Source: Western Journal: Pelosi Gives Mind-Boggling Reason for Biden's Low Poll Numbers: She Thinks You're Just Ignorant

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