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Pelosi Jeopardizes Americans' Safety, Makes Sick Move to Get Felons & Illegals Released from Prison

Illegal aliens and felons could soon be free in your community thanks to Nancy Pelosi.

Buried deep inside the House Speaker's virus plan is a mandate to release felons and illegals from prison.

The California Democrat is already back to her old ways again, not even one month after getting caught trying to slip a variety of left-wing goodies into the last stimulus package.

As noted by Breitbart, Pelosi's provision would order federal inmates, local convicts, and illegal aliens to be released.

And get this... the only requirement for them to be released is that a court just says they are "non-violent."

But it gets even worse. Pelosi also wants illegals in federal immigration detention facilities to be set free by the states.

So the left doesn't only want to release dangerous criminals, they also want illegal immigrants (many of whom are supposed to be deported) to be released back into our society.

More from Breitbart on the specifics of the mandate:

During a declared national emergency relating to a communicable disease, mandates the release into community supervision of federal prisoners and pretrial detainees who are non-violent and, for instance, pregnant women, juveniles, older prisoners and detainees, and those with certain medical conditions. Modifies probation and supervised release policies to avoid unnecessary in-person contact with probation officers and to reduce the numbers of those supervised and those imprisoned for violations. Mandates the release of non-violent pretrial defendants on their own recognizance. [Emphasis added] Provides $600 million in funding to address the COVID-19 crisis in state and local prisons and jails, including $500 million to states and local governments that operate correctional facilities to provide testing and treatment of COVID-19 for incarcerated individuals by creating two grant programs—one focused on the release of low-risk individuals who are currently incarcerated and another aimed at reducing COVID-19 exposure for those individuals who are arrested; $75 million in funding to a new grant program to encourage states and localities to adopt practices that promote juvenile safety and rehabilitation without unnecessarily exposing youth to incarceration during this crisis; and $25 million for a grant program for state and local governments that operate correctional facilities for rapid testing of inmates who are leaving correctional custody. [Emphasis added] This section requires DHS to review the immigration files of all individuals in the custody of ICE to assess the need for continued detention. Individuals who are not subject to mandatory detention shall be prioritized for release, either on recognizance or into an alternative to detention program, unless the individual is a threat to public safety or national security. [Emphasis added]

Democrats care more about illegals than they do about actual American citizens.

This is second time in just several weeks that Pelosi and her minions have been caught trying to take American taxpayer dollars and use them to release criminals and help support illegals.


Joanne Justino Cox
Joanne Justino Cox
May 17, 2020

This women is dangerousm mental and needs to be put down like a rabbit aninal, what the hell is wrong with her mb her power has gone to her head and its a mental mentality. Does she hate the country so much or is it just that she can't stand the President and cant handle 4 more years of him in office, she needs to be jailed for Treason against the country, she is nothing but trouble and a danger to the


She needs to go . She should be up on treason charges


What the hell is she thinking?

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