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Pelosi's Daughter's Sickening Attack on Rand Paul Backfires

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree with the Pelosi family.

Christine Pelosi, daughter of Nasty Nancy, is in hot water after her disgusting attack on Rand Paul blew up in her face.

When most of us heard that Rand Paul had tested positive for coronavirus, we were saddened to hear the news and offered up some prayers for him and his family.

But for Christine Pelosi, she responded with a snarky praise for the man who physically assaulted Paul to the point of breaking 6 of his ribs. The attack left Paul with very serious complications that he had to undergo surgery for in 2019.

As you could imagine, Christine Pelosi's sickening attack on Paul backfired hard.

Following the backlash she cowardly deleted the tweet, but we grabbed a screenshot before she did.

Endorsing felony assault is not a good look for anybody, perhaps somebody needs to tell the younger Pelosi that.

Of all the responses to the vile tweet from Pelosi's daughter, Senator Ted Cruz's was among the best.

“This is sick & twisted. Rand has contracted coronavirus; in 2017, in a violent criminal attack, he suffered 6 broken ribs, pneumonia & had part of his lung removed—all of which puts him at much greater risk from this deadly virus—and you’re siding w/ the attacker?”

Here's a small sample of other responses:

Hopefully Pelosi's daughter learned her lesson, although I highly doubt she did.

Like mother, like daughter.

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did we expect anything less from a crooked Pelosi family member, ask your moth where she made all her money? on the backs of American citizens. and she will not help the people in California fight homelessness, starvation and now the virus and their concern is airplanes, California if I was you I would vote a homeless person to take Pelosi spot and represent your rights

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