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Pelosi Wants Probe Into Trump's Handling of Virus: 'What Did He Know and When Did He Know It?'

There was never any doubt that Democrats would weaponize the coronavirus against Trump and use it for another shot at impeaching him.

Nancy Pelosi just let the cat out the bag. During an interview Sunday morning on CNN, she suggested that once the chaos from the coronavirus begins to subside, Democrats will launch another investigation into Trump.

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It's been almost two months since Pelosi and her Democratic colleagues failed miserably trying to remove Trump from office.

But Nasty Nancy has remained vigilante that she will have another shot at impeaching Trump.

She wants him to answer for the way he's responded to the coronavirus crisis:

"...when did this president know about this, and what did he know? What did he know, and when did he know it? That’s for an after-action review. But as the president fiddles, people are dying,” Pelosi said.

So in other words, the Democrats are going to subject the country to another ridiculous witch hunt using the current COVID lockdowns as a bridge to the next impeachment.

Why am I not surprised?

Meanwhile Democratic governors are accusing Trump of withholding medical supplies from them and sending their states defective ventilators.

The Democratic party has become so extremist, ruthless and un-American these days that they will stop at nothing to try to take down President Trump.

They believe they are no longer bound to the system that has served America well since the very beginning.

With Pelosi and her angry minions leading the charge, they are not even functioning like a legitimate American political party anymore.

If anybody should be removed from office it's Pelosi. Period.

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