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Rep. Ilhan Omar Caught Red-Handed Funneling $300,000 to Husbands Consulting Firm

Democratic congresswoman Ilhan Omar has been caught again funneling money to her husband's political consulting firm — and a lot of it.

For some reason that is beyond me, nobody in Congress seems to bat an eye at it.

According to new filings by her campaign committee, she has already paid her husband Tim Mynett's firm $292,905 in just the first 3 months of 2020. The amount she paid his firm accounted for over 40% of Omar's total campaign disbursements during that period, and more than 60% of what she raised during the quarter.

Ilhan Omar's campaign has not responded to a request for comment.

The Washington Free Beacon has more:

The Omar campaign also doled out $525,000 last year to Mynett's firm, its top vendor. At the time, Omar and Mynett were married to different people, but Mynett's wife alleged they were having an affair. The two denied that they had a romantic relationship. Omar's campaign and the E Street Group also faced accusations of using campaign funds on personal travel.

There were rumors of an affair between Omar and Mynett last year, and they only grew after divorce papers surfaced from Mynett's now ex-wife.

“Days prior to defendant's devastating and shocking declaration of love for Rep. Omar and admission of their affair, he and Rep. Omar took the parties' son to dinner to formally meet for the first time at the family's favorite neighborhood restaurant while plaintiff was out of town," the divorce papers said. "Rep. Omar gave the parties' son a gift and the defendant later brought her back inside the family's home.”

At the time Omar vehemently denied the affair, stating she was not even separated from her then-husband Ahmed Abdisalan Hirsi. She refused to answer any further questions about her "personal life."

Later on, Omar went online and announced out of the blue she had married Mynett.

This isn't the first time Omar has been caught funneling money to her husband's firm. Last year in August an official complaint was filed with the Federal Election Commission charging Omar and Mynett of violating the law after alleged improper use of campaign funds to pay for Mynett to travel with her.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, Omar's campaign just so happens to be her husband's firm's largest client since they opened.

As for her marriage, an investigation was launched by the FBI and ICE over reports that she married her brother to get him fraudulently into the country.

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