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Rep. Omar Demands That Next Stimulus Package Include Checks for Non-Citizens

Far-left congresswoman Ilhan Omar is demanding that any additional stimulus package include checks for illegal immigrants.

Making sure non-citizens get coronavirus money is top priority for Democrats, and it will likely deter any rapid passage of the next round of aid.

Omar announced her introduction of legislation designed to get cash into the hands of "mixed status" families.

The left's outrage began when they found out that the first checks would be distributed to Americans with social security numbers. Legal immigrants will also be included, i.e. ones with green cards or the hundreds of thousands under the DACA program.

This decision was denounced as racist by Omar's partner in crime Alexandiria Ocasio-Cortez, a woman who is incapable of seeing anything not through a racial prism.

"It is absurd and cruel that a taxpaying family with mixed immigration status could be excluded from this relief during this pandemic," Omar stated. "Today I introduced a bill and led a letter to address this major error. All Americans need our help right now."

Omar's legislation would supposedly cover immigrants who have married American citizens so they could live in the U.S., sometimes fraudulently.

More from CBS affiliate WCCO:

According to the Democratic lawmaker’s office, the current stimulus package would not send a $1,200 stimulus check to Americans who filed taxes jointly with someone who does not have a social security number.
“Over 140,000 Minnesotans live in mixed status families of some form,” Omar said, in a statement. “As currently written, many Minnesotans who are in this country legally or part of a mixed status family will not receive any stimulus money, even if one of them has a social security number but the other does not.”
To fix this, Omar introduced a bill Tuesday that would allow mixed families to get relief checks by expanding a special exception for the military.
Meanwhile, Omar, who represents Minnesota’s 5th District, is urging that any further relief packages include money for noncitizens.

Omar's office released their own press release, in which they said “It is absurd and cruel that a taxpaying, mixed status couple or family could be excluded from this relief."

It's not just Omar who's already trying to use the next round of stimulus money to further her own twisted agenda. Pelosi is also trying to shovel piles of liberal pork into it, including changing election laws and allowing 'vote by mail' for the presidential election.

America deserves better than Omar and her minions. Hopefully voters in Minnesota now realize what a horrible mistake they made electing her and will rectify matters this November.

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Jessie Phillips
Jessie Phillips
09 เม.ย. 2563

hey omar, the felon illegal, you want them to have money? give them your paycheck, you American hating scumbag


Linda Heagy
Linda Heagy
08 เม.ย. 2563

they are not Americans.

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