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Rioters Breach Treasury Department In Washington, D.C.

George Floyd rioters have breached the Treasury Department in Washington, D.C., and have caused damage to the building.

With violent protests continuing to erupt across the nation over the death of George Floyd, tensions are at an all-time high.

Police officers are in extreme danger right now, with reports coming in of many cops being attacked by left-wing mobs.

Swarms of protesters took to the streets of Washington, DC, and swarmed the Treasury Department, climbing on walls, and vandalizing the building as civil unrest permeated the nation’s capital.

“4 men pose in front of the Freedman’s Bank building, now a @USTreasury annex near WH, after it was tagged during the mainly peaceful protest today,” Fox News reporter Fin Gomez reported. “Historic site bc the bank helped newly emancipated communities in the post-Civil War era. Frederick Douglass was bank president.”

“The White House was under a brief lockdown Friday night as protests erupted across the country over the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd, bringing tensions to a boiling point and forcing one of the Twin Cities to issue a curfew while demonstrators clashed with police across the U.S.,” Fox 5 reported. “Fox News and other members of the press were immediately moved inside as the White House went into lockdown. A dozen reporters were said to be inside the West Wing. One of the protesters was later taken into custody by the Secret Service outside the White House Friday night.”

D.C.'s protest is just one of many across America.

Minnesota has seen their state go up in flames as rioters and looters destroy businesses, steal goods, and launch violent attacks on the police.

In Chicago police officers were dragged by a left-wing mob and kicked in the head.

In Seattle a rioter stole an AR-15 out of a cop car.

Two federal officers were brutally shot and killed in Oakland last night.

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