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Rush Limbaugh Reveals What Was MISSING at DNC That Should Concern Every American

Conservative talk show radio host Rush Limbaugh noted on Tuesday that during the first night of Democratic National Convention, there was not one mention of the dozens of violent riots that have popped up in blue cities across the nation, which Limbaugh argued reveals that the Democrat Party “aligns” themselves with far-Left radical activist groups Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Referencing former first lady Michelle Obama’s Monday night speech at the convention that emphasized “empathy,” the conservative host questioned why the riots were not addressed.

“Ask African-Americans how much the Democrats have cared about ’em in 50 years, how much it’s meant to their lives improving. Answer is zip, zero, nada,” the host said. “But if you want to give a speech and you want to talk about empathy, how in the world do you not mention the victims of the riots and the violent criminals? How in the world, if you’re gonna talk about empathy and how you’ve got more empathy than the Republicans, how in the world do you not talk about what is happening to law-abiding people in your own cities and states, like Seattle and like Portland?”

“They didn’t even mention it,” Limbaugh continued. “Not just Michelle (My Belle). Nobody mentioned it.”

“So by extension, we have to think they don’t care about what is happening to the law-abiding in Portland or Seattle,” he argued. “Hint, hint — they don’t.”

“Because they have made it clear that they align themselves with Antifa,” Limbaugh asserted. “They align themselves with Black Lives Matter. They align themselves with the lawbreakers. They align themselves with the looters and the rioters and the people who are destroying private property and businesses.”

Left-wing rioting has caused great harm to cities like Minneapolis, Seattle, and Chicago, as well as many others. Businesses have been robbed and destroyed and innocent people have been assaulted or even killed.

The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) announced Tuesday that at least one alleged criminal activist has been identified as a suspect in the beating of a man who crashed his white Ford 4×4 at the intersection of Southwest Taylor Street and Broadway on Saturday night.

“Violent rioters allegedly beat a man in Portland last night, kicking and punching him in the head, after he reportedly defended someone that had been attacked,” The Daily Wire reported Monday. “The man then appeared to attempt to flee the situation in his truck and later ended up crashing into a building, at which point he was violently attacked by what independent journalists have identified as Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists. During the attack he was kicked in the head from behind, which instantly knocked him out.”

According to the PPB, the victim “may have been trying to help a transgender female who had some of her things stolen in the area of Southwest Taylor and 4th Ave, the location where this incident began. That person has not been contacted and their identity is unknown. Investigators would like to speak to this person.”

The brutally beaten man has since been released from the hospital.


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