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Sanctuary Cities That Rejected Federal Law Are Now Begging for Federal Help

In an ironic turn of events, sanctuary cities that have refused to follow federal law and harbor illegal immigrants are now begging for help from the federal government.

NYC mayor Bill de Blasio is among them. In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, he is coming forward and begging the feds for assistance. TRENDING: Ben Carson's Breakthrough Discovery "WILL NOT" Be Banned, Trump Says

Meanwhile he is still allowing illegal immigrants to break laws in his city. NYC has a population of almost 500,000 illegals, and federal law says that hospitals have to provide medical services to patients despite their citizenship status. That means if the coronavirus continues to spread across the city, there could be cases where American citizens are denied hospital beds and given to illegal immigrants instead.

More from The Federalist:

Localities that declared themselves “Sanctuary Cities” to reject federal law and coordination in order to harbor illegal immigrants are now begging for federal help in the face of the Wuhan virus pandemic. New York City, which has become the epicenter of the Wuhan virus outbreak in the United States, is seeing a surging case load overwhelm its hospitals. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security warned Thursday that the situation has become so dire the city’s morgues are reaching capacity. Hospitals are stretched thin with dwindling supplies as New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the state’s governor Andrew Cuomo plead for resources from the feds, all while skirting immigration laws as a sanctuary state and city.

Both mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Cuomo have attacked President Trump, while at the same time pleading for his help against the coronavirus.

Last week Bill de Blasio said, "the fate of New York City rests in the hands of one. He is a New Yorker. And right now, he is betraying the city he comes from."

Governor Cuomo has hammered President Trump over a supposed shortage of ventilators in his state.

It then later came out that New York had a "stockpile" of unused ventilators.

Trump announced he is still going to send them several thousand more.

How do you feel about sanctuary cities wanting Trump's help, but refusing to obey federal law and continue to harbor illegals? Let us know in the comments below!


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