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'Scared for my life': O'Keefe reveals courageous Pfizer whistleblower

The industry insider who was key to undercover videos by James O'Keefe that exposed a Pfizer company executive claiming his organization was mutating COVID-19 in order to sell more shots says that "fear" is what is being used to control people.

And she wants it to stop.

O'Keefe, formerly of Project Veritas, was part of the company when it released its most stunning undercover video yet.

It involved statements from Pfizer research director Jordon Trishton Walker that the corporation is secretly exploring intentionally creating mutations of the COVID virus to "preemptively develop new vaccines."

Further, he said, COVID "is going to be a cash cow for us."

He later claimed he was lying.

But the insider who alerted O'Keefe to the executive's perspective appeared on stage with O'Keefe during the weekend's Conservative Political Action Conference.

He identified her as "Debbie from Pfizer."

She said, "I was reluctant, scared for my life. ... I was worried I would end up in body bag, or car accident."

But, she said, "I realized the spirit of fear is not from the Lord. And as a believer I knew that I couldn't just sit there and watch people get lied to, people get gaslit. It made me angry."

The result was her discussions with O'Keefe, and the ultimate undercover video.

She said, "The reason why our country is going the way it's going is because of fear. People are willing to give up freedom and liberty to feel safe. We cannot do that. Freedom is not free. Freedom comes with a price," she said.

At the Right Scoop was the video:

O'Keefe separated from Project Veritas, the company he founded more than a decade ago, just recently.

The federal government at one point raided O'Keefe's home after he decided not to run a story based on a diary left in a rental unit by Joe Biden's daughter, in which the daughter suggested there were father-daughter showers that likely were inappropriate.

The Post Millennial reported O'Keefe's departure developed after staff members tried to remove him from leadership, claiming he was hard to work with.

In response, donors had dispatched a Cease and Desist letter to the board, saying the law firm of Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders represented a "large group of significant donors" and expressing "grave concerns" about the board's actions.

Author: Bob Unruh


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