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Schiff Demands Big Tech Companies Step Up Their 'Authoritative' Censorship & Silencing

On Thursday California Rep. Adam Schiff sent a letter to the CEOs of multiple big tech giants demanding they use their "authoritative" powers to silence certain voices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The letter was sent to the CEOs of YouTube, Twitter and Google.

Here's a copy of the letters Schiff sent:

Recently YouTube CEO Susan Wojkicki went on CNN and said their company is removing anything that is against the World Health Organization.

That's the Democrats for you. If they can't beat 'em, at least they can censor 'em.

But if these big tech companies are going to censor anybody, they should start with Adam Schiff.

He is one of the most dishonest, compulsive liars in Congress.

In case you need a reminder:


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