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Senator Tom Cotton to Woke Kroger CEO: “I’m Sorry That’s Happening to You. Best of Luck”

Grocery chains Kroger and Harris Teeter (owned by Kroger) have embraced the woke agenda with open arms.

They removed My Pillow products from their stores after pressure from the left.

Last summer, two weeks before the Fourth of July, they capitulated to a complaint by a Democrat politician in North Carolina about koozies decorated with pro-America themes featuring firearms and pulled the items from shelves.

In October, Kroger announced efforts to merge with Albertsons Companies, Inc. in a nearly $25 billion deal.

Leaders from the two companies have been at congressional hearings in Washington to defended their proposal.

During the hearings, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) blasted Kroger’s woke CEO.

Senator Cotton:

This situation reminds me a little bit of the situation big tech companies have found themselves in in recent years. They’ve come to Washington because they fear regulation from their Democratic friends or action from the Biden Administration. And then they expect Republicans, who are traditionally more supportive of free enterprise to come to their defense. And I have cautioned them for years if they silence conservatives and center right voters across the country, if they discriminate against them in their company, they probably shouldn’t come and ask Republican Senators to carry the water for them whenever their Democratic friends want to regulate them or block their mergers. So I’ve heard a lot , a line of questioning about that today, and I’ve read a lot about it in the news, and I’ll say this, I’m sorry that’s happening to you. Best of luck.


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