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Soon As Biden Thinks the Camera Cuts Off, He Immediately Ditches His Social Distancing Charade

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and CNN host Anderson Cooper are now among a growing list of leftists who threw coronavirus virtue signaling to the side when they thought people weren’t watching.

During Thursday’s CNN town hall, in which Biden bumbled his way through softball questions, Cooper and the former vice president appeared to share words as the network cut to commercial:

The problem is that Biden, as well as Cooper’s employer, routinely castigate those who choose not to wear face coverings or engage in social distancing, and neither man was wearing a mask when they spoke while only inches apart as the network cut away.

To make the optics even worse, prior to the town hall, Cooper actually explained to his viewers why he wasn’t wearing a mask.

“As you can see, I’m not wearing a mask tonight. I tested negative for coronavirus this morning,” Cooper said, The Hill reported.

The CNN host added: “Still, I’ll be keeping my distance, as will all of the participants in tonight’s town hall who are here.”

Cooper went on to find himself within close proximity of Biden as the two spoke to each other when the network went to commercial break, presumably because they thought the camera had cut away.

The moment occurred just over a week after Cooper delivered this rebuke of President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic:

And the whispered exchange with Cooper came the day after Biden said that if he is elected, he could force a mask mandate on areas with reported high cases of the coronavirus.

Cooper and Biden join other high-profile coronavirus hypocrites:

This isn’t a knock against the efficacy of masks, but if face coverings are so effective, why don’t Democrats follow their own rules with regard to wearing them?

Do they think we’re stupid? Of course they do.

This glaring display of hypocrisy is simply Democrats and their establishment media allies again showing us exactly who they are.

They live by a different set of rules.

Cooper, an elitist from birth, has sat atop his CNN ivory tower for six months with his network colleagues and sniped at almost every move Trump has made with regard to the country’s health crisis.

The moment he thought nobody was watching, he chummed up with Biden and flouted what he purports to stand for.

Biden, who wants the federal government to force certain people to wear a mask while outdoors, couldn’t even make it through a CNN town hall event without showing his true colors.

Of course this saga raises a very good question: If neither of them had the coronavirus to begin with, then what was the purpose of the social distancing, and of Cooper telling us he was social distancing?


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