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State Senate Votes to Override Dem Governor's Stay-at-Home Order

The Pennsylvania State Senate just passed a bill that overrides Democratic Governor Tom Wolf's lockdown order. The new bill allows most all businesses in the state to open back up within federal guidelines.

The Republican-backed bill passed in the State Senate 29-21. The Hill reports the bill "would require the governor’s office to align with federal guidelines in determining which businesses will be allowed to reopen during the pandemic, allowing all those that can safely operate with mitigation strategies under Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency guidelines.”

Governor Wolf had already extended his state's lockdown order until April 30, no exceptions allowed. Every business that Wolf did not consider "life sustaining" was forced to close down.

More from the Daily Wire:

The GOP-backed bill would arguably allow more transparency while staying within the guidance laid out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the federal Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the report added.
“I think the waiver process has been extremely inefficient. We’re concerned it’s been very unfair. The problem is it’s also not been made public,” Republican State Rep. Mike Jones told WGAL. “Those are the big three that virtually every other state in the nation, including many of the surrounding states, continue to operate, and it’s coming at the expense of our state.”

Happy to see the the State Senate taking a stand. That said, I'd expect Governor Wolf will likely not sign the bill.

The lefts response to the bill being passed was unhinged, with the Dem Legislative Campaign Committee claiming that GOP lawmakers "don't care" about Pennsylvania families or the "lives that will be lost."

As the lockdown orders build up across the country, patriots are beginning to strike back against the measures. Several days ago thousands of protesters rose up against the Democratic Governor of Michigan over her radical and inconsistent stay-at-home order.

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