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Store Manager Who Yelled 'F**k Donald Trump' at Man Wearing Pro-Trump Mask Is Now Out of a Job

By Dave Urbanski

A Bath & Body Works manager is no longer employed by her Arizona store after yelling "f*** Donald Trump" at a passerby wearing a face mask supporting the president, the Arizona Republic reported.

What are the details?

Jeremiah Cota, director of strategic initiatives for AZ Trump Victory, tweeted Friday that he was "accosted" by the store's manager "simply for wearing a Trump face mask. She yelled at me 'F*** Donald Trump' while I was simply walking by the store. I went to ask if I misheard her and she said no."

In Cota's clip of the short chat with the woman — whose name tag reads "Karren," the paper reported — she acknowledges that she's the manager and that she indeed told Cota "f*** Donald Trump."

Her reason? "Yeah, because that's how I feel," she adds.

Here's the video. ( Content warning: Language):

Cota tagged Bath & Body Works in his tweet, saying the company was guilty of "poor customer service." He added in a subsequent tweet that the incident took place at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

What happened next?

Trump Victory Committee spokesperson Keith Schipper told the Republic that Bath & Body Works in a phone call said "how very sorry they were" for what happened to Cota and that they "respect all beliefs."

Bath & Body Works also confirmed with the paper that it connected with Cota to share its "deepest apologies."

"We absolutely do not condone these actions as all customers should be treated with respect," the statement read, according to the Republic.

Bath & Body Works added to the Republic that the company no longer employed the manager, whose name was not released, but didn't immediately respond to the paper's question regarding if she was fired or quit.


Schipper also told the Republic that Cota hasn't been deterred from wearing his Trump mask and that the incident was one of many cases of "intolerance" toward Trump supporters.

"All of our hopes is that there can just be more tolerance so supporters of the president don't have to have their head on a swivel, looking over their shoulder, wondering who's going to accost them," he told the paper.

The virus continues its spread

Trump Derangement Syndrome is still infecting leftists and is showing no signs of dying down. As TheBlaze has previously reported, leftists sometimes turn cranky at pro-Trump objects. For instance, one individual outside a recent Bernie Sanders' rally didn't fare too well when a security guard took issue with his Trump 2020 flag.

Leftists also have been know to flip out at other visual reminders of their president, such as "Make America Great Again" hats:

They've also resorted to taking offorknocking the caps off their heads,spitting at the wearers, and actually stealing the hats as video runs:

And believe it or not, a retired New York City police officer — during his birthday celebration, no less — said a woman punched him in the face and left it bloody recently over his headgear that merely resembled a MAGA hat:

Author: Dave Urbanski

Source: TheBlaze: Store manager yells 'f*** Donald Trump' at man with pro-Trump face mask. Manager now out of a job.

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