Supreme Court Kills Democrats' Dreams, Squashes Their Attempt at a 2nd Impeachment

The Supreme Court just crushed House Democrats' dreams.

Earlier this week Democrats went to the Supreme Court and argued they need access to secret grand jury materials from the Mueller investigation because they are still probing Trump/Russia "collusion" and looking into impeachment (again).

House Democrats proceeded to tell the Supreme Court if they do not get speedy access to the secret grand jury materials, they may not be able to impeach President Trump before the November election.

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Well, the Supreme Court has now come forward with their decision, and let's just say the left won't be happy about it.

Check it out, via The Washington Free Beacon:

In a blow to House Democrats hoping to unearth damaging information about President Donald Trump ahead of the November election, the Supreme Court on Wednesday temporarily blocked House Democrats from obtaining secret grand jury materials from former special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.
Wednesday's order, called a stay, will remain in place until the Trump administration files its formal appeal of a lower court ruling directing the Justice Department to share the grand jury files with the House Judiciary Committee. The High Court told the administration to file its appeal by June 1.

By blocking the Democrats' request and issuing the stay order, the Supreme Court has made it next to impossible for Democrats to be able to impeach Trump again before the 2020 election.

You'd think House Democrats would've learned a lesson after their first attempt at impeachment fell flat when the Senate acquitted Trump in an almost entirely party-line vote.

But that's not stopping them from continuing to spend all of their time and resources on trying to remove Trump from office with more bogus investigations.