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Trump Humiliates CNN's Jim Acosta in Middle of India Presser

Trump's visit to India has been nothing short of incredible.

A crowd of 100,000 people showed up to welcome him to the country as the President praised the Indian people in the world's largest cricket stadium.

Check out this video:

But of course CNN's Jim Acosta had to throw a fit during the trip.

During a presser in India Acosta effectively called Trump a liar.

Trump wasn't about to let him get away with that, and torched Acosta for all to see.

Check out the exchange from Fox News:

President Trump scolded CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta on Tuesday during a press conference in India, telling the reporter he should be “ashamed” and blasting the liberal network.
Acosta asked Trump if he would accept foreign interference in the upcoming election and how he could justify replacing Joseph Maguire as acting director of national intelligence.
The president didn’t appreciate the two-part question.
“First of all, I want no help from any country, and I haven’t been given help from any country,” Trump answered before referencing a report that CNN had to walk back on Sunday. “If you see what CNN, your wonderful network said, I guess they apologized in a way. Didn’t they apologize for the fact that they said certain things that weren’t true? Tell me, what was their apology yesterday? What did they say?”

The shaken Acosta tried to respond to the president by saying CNN has a better record on delivering truth than Trump.

At this point Trump dropped the gauntlet on him.

“Your record is so bad that you ought to be ashamed of yourself. You have probably the worst record in the history of broadcasting,” Trump said as Acosta attempted to interrupt.


If this doesn't show how truly disgusting of a journalist Acosta is, I don't know what does.

Calling the president a liar to his face on the world stage without any basis is not a good look.


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