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Trump Releases His 2nd Term Agenda, Pledges to Nail China and a Return to ‘Normal’

By Bonchie

President Donald Trump has released his second term agenda containing dozens of wide-ranging bullet points on what he plans to do if re-elected. In it, we see everything from passing term limits for Congress to how he plans to eradicate COVID. He also hits on illegal immigration and healthcare.

One of the biggest things to me in this is his understanding that we have to disconnect from China. I’ve written several articles describing our self-destructive reliance on the communist nation, to the point where it’s long become a national security risk to continue on the path we are on. Trump says that he wants to use tax credits to incentivize companies to pull out of China while denying federal contracts to those that still out-source the oppressive nation. His overall pledge is to return one million jobs from China.

Another big theme in the document is the “return to normal in 2021” in regards to COVID. This is a departure from the Democrat language of having a “new normal,” which apparently includes staying locked down and unconstitutional national mask mandates if Joe Biden is elected. I think a message of normalcy and not continuing to keep people in economic limbo is a good one and Trump is right to push it.

Of course, nothing is perfect and the areas of push-back are fairly obvious. Many of the things the President lists were promises he made the first time around. For example, on ending “endless wars,” why has that not been done already? Getting allies to pay their fair share has already been a four-year slog as well. Ending illegal immigration will also be a subject he has to explain as a long term project and not something he could have gotten done in his first term. That’s not a criticism but a realization of the reality that any incumbent has to overcome questions of why they need a second term to do what they said they’d do in the first term.

On the topic of omissions, there are some. There’s nothing about abortion, the second amendment, or religious liberty. That’s not to say those won’t be things Trump focuses on, but they aren’t in the document at this time.

Regardless, the overall document is a good start and a springboard for the speakers at the RNC this week. I expect Trump to hammer home all these points and some that aren’t on there, including his opposition to abortion. With him speaking every single night at the convention, things promise to be entertaining.

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Author: Bonchie

Source: RedState: Trump Releases His 2nd Term Agenda, Pledges to Nail China and a Return to ‘Normal’

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