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Trump Says Illegal Immigrants Not Getting Stimulus Checks Because "They Came Here Illegally"

Trump was asked during a press briefing on Wednesday why illegal immigrants are not getting stimulus checks.

“Over five million immigrants in this country do pay taxes through their IT numbers, yet they will not receive any money in the stimulus package,” the reporter told the president. “And no undocumented immigrant will receive any aid from the government during this crisis. How do you suppose they survive during the COVID-19 [outbreak]?”

Trump made it very clear in his response: The reason illegal immigrants are not getting coronavirus payment checks is because, "they came in illegally."

“Well, you know, you’re saying ‘undocumented,’ meaning they came in illegally,” Trump answered.

“A lot of people would say we have a lot of citizens right now that won’t be working, so what are you going to do? It’s a tough thing,” Trump told her.

Take a look:

After dropping the hard truth, the president went on to say that it is a very difficult and sad situation for illegal immigrants in America.

“It’s a very sad question, I must be honest with you, but they came in illegally and we have a lot of people that are citizens of our country that won’t be able to have jobs,” Trump said.

He went on to say that it is something they are thinking about and working on figuring out.

Naturally those on the left have been furious that stimulus checks are only going to legal American citizens.

Recently Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lashed out and said thanks to Republicans, the stimulus checks will be "cut off the backs of taxpaying immigrants, who get nothing."

It is important to note that legal immigrants will receive stimulus checks. And by legal I am referring to ones with green cards, along with the hundreds of thousands of immigrants in America under the DACA program.

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