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Trump Is Signing a Crucial Executive Order, Will Give AMERICANS First Priority on COVID Vaccine

He may or may not be successful in stopping what appears to be a blatant case of election theft, based on evidence and affidavits gathered by his legal team, but President Donald Trump will maintain his “MAGA” mantra until his final day in office.

On Monday, the president was preparing to sign an executive order mandating that any U.S.-produced COVID-19 vaccines go to our citizens first.

Senior administration officials told Fox News Monday that the president will reemphasize to the American people that the “priority has been an America First approach,” during a vaccine summit at the White House Tuesday.
The news of the executive order comes just days ahead of the Food and Drug Administration's Thursday meeting regarding Pfizer and BioNTech’s application for emergency authorization of their coronavirus vaccine, three weeks after the companies filed for it. The FDA also plans to meet on Dec. 17 to discuss Moderna’s vaccine.
A source close to the White House Coronavirus Task Force told Fox News last week that the Pfizer-BioNTech authorization could come as early as Friday. FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn last week said that they are “very hopeful” of approval and that they are “moving very quickly.”

“The priority is to make sure we distribute these vaccines to Americans before we start shipping them around the world to get international access,” one official told Fox News, who added that assistance for other countries could come “late spring, early summer,” and after they “achieve vaccinating those who have a desire to be vaccinated.”

The official added that the order is “clear and is directing that we prioritize access to the American people before working with partners and allies to provide access to the vaccine.”

The official noted further the order identifies “who will be working with the international aspect of this, the framework, guides and tools, for when we have an excess supply to meet those demands.”

A second official told Fox News: “We will very soon have highly effective COVID-19 vaccines to the American people,” adding that the vaccines are “critical to ensuring the health and safety of our citizens, viability of the economy and the security of our nation.”

President Trump, despite the hate and venom spewed at him by millions of Americans, will nevertheless make sure that we all have access to a coronavirus vaccine developed quickly under his administration before anyone else gets it.

What a true leader.


John Thomas
John Thomas
Dec 08, 2020

You people voted him in, you have to take him out. California has a lot of crooked politicians and more then most other states.


LAMayor delivery idolize Hitler since he is starting to do what the Nazis (I believe must be his ancesters)

Heil Mayor

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