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Tucker Carlson: Dems pushing Biden out

By Bob Unruh | WND

Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson, a rock star to conservatives across America, is pointing out what likely is behind the classified documents scandal involving Joe Biden.

It is, Carlson said last night, "the beginning of the end for Joe Biden."

"We can't prove that. The future is unknowable, but holy smokes, it does not look good and it doesn't look good in a very recognizable way. Somewhere in his basement rec room drinking a Courvoisier on ice, Andrew Cuomo is chuckling to himself. He's seen this movie before. Joe Biden's own aides keep finding stacks of felonies he's left around the place in his office, in his car, and instead of throwing this evidence in the fireplace, as under normal circumstances they would, they're sending these documents on to the Justice Department. That's not a good sign."

And, Carlson noted, "Biden's attorney general, the most unscrupulous, unethical attorney general this country has ever had, has somehow decided that actually, in order to maintain his unsullied record of nonpartisanship, he's going to have to pass these documents, these stacks of felonies, on to an independent counsel, because that always works out well for a sitting president and by the way, in this case, the independent counsel is a Republican. Good luck, Joe Biden. Happy 80th birthday."

Carlson pointed out how the similar story line took Andrew Cuomo out of the political world.

"It's hard to remember now, but it wasn't that long ago that Andrew Cuomo was not only the governor of New York, but also a legitimate hero in the Democratic Party. Do you remember that? Cuomo was the governor who legalized marijuana, who expanded Medicare, who passed strict gun control, who destroyed the NRA as a political force. He was the governor who, more than any other person in this country, including Tony Fauci, effectively defended lockdowns, masking and vaccines. In fact, in the fall of 2020, Cuomo won an Emmy award for his daily COVID briefings," he said.

"He was an actual celebrity. He seemed like a future president, and everybody said so, but within weeks of getting that Emmy, it began to fall apart. A number of women came forward to claim that Cuomo had once said impolite things in their presence. By the standards of Andrew Cuomo's many scandals in office, it seemed like nothing, but for reasons they never explained, Democratic leaders, leaders of his party in Washington, took the scandal very seriously. They described Cuomo's behavior as sexual harassment and they called for his resignation. By summer, it had worked. He was out of office and irreparably disgraced. The people who hand out Emmys even took back the award and scrubbed Andrew Cuomo's name from their website. Andrew Cuomo was too immoral to share space with Hollywood actors — and that's pretty immoral."

Carlson explained that Cuomo's fault was that he "outlived his usefulness to the party."

"It's hard not to think of Andrew Cuomo when you see what is happening to Joe Biden right now. Kamala Harris is certainly thinking about it. Harris was in a suspiciously good mood today. We know this because she was talking about electric school buses again. 'I love electric school buses,' she raved. 'I just love them for so many reasons. Maybe because I went to school on a school bus. Raise your hand if you went to school on a school bus.' Harris was grinning the whole time, and why wouldn't she be grinning? That senile, white guy who claims to be her boss is finally going down, down, down, down, down, down. It's a happy day at Kamala Harris's house, but it's not a happy day at Casa Biden."

Biden repeatedly has explained his actions by saying he takes classified documents "seriously."

That's why, he said, they were in a locked garage alongside his collectible Corvette — in a house where his drug-addicted son Hunter was living at the time.

Author: Bob Unruh

Source: WND: Tucker Carlson: Dems pushing Biden out

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