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Watch: Man Endures Massive Beating to Protect Flag as Rioters Try to Desecrate It

As riots continue to sweep through cities across the United States, peaceful bystanders are paying the price.

In Portland, Oregon, on Sunday, a man holding an American flag was brutally beaten by rioters who chased him down and tried to steal the flag.

As the violent mob descended — punching and kicking him — the man refused to let the flag out of his clutches.

As the man was singled out, others in the crowd threw objects at him.

Conservative journalist Andy Ngo — who himself was mauled by antifa radicals in June 2019 — shared video of the attack on Twitter.

WARNING: The following videos contain vulgar language and graphic violence that some viewers may find offensive.

Another man intervened to try and help the man with the flag and was subsequently chased down and horrifically beaten for doing so. His face was pummeled into the pavement, and he lay on the street bloodied and unresponsive. One of the terrorizers then kicked him mercilessly in the face.

As the helpless man laid unmoving, the mob devolved to shrieking expletives and threats to him.

“Knocked his motherf—ing a– out,” one woman said. Other rioters could be heard shouting, “Black lives matter, you f—–.”

When the man regained consciousness, his face was mangled and covered in blood, and parts of his teeth were seen missing.

Volunteer medics helped him to his feet while they and others in the crowd continued to chastise him.

“You’re lucky they’re even helping you. Who the f— are you running your mouth like that?” one person could be heard saying.

They said he brought the attack upon himself by attempting to help the man holding the American flag.

“Do not, do not protest against black lives because guess what, we’re showing up for you even though you’re being terrible to people,” one of the “medics” lectured as his bloodied face was attended to.

The Portland hoodlums ignored Mayor Ted Wheeler’s 8 p.m. curfew and continued the rioting for the second night in a row.

The violent demonstrations are connected to the growing unrest across the country related to the May 25 death of George Floyd in Minneapolis after a police officer knelt on his neck during an arrest.

What started as peaceful protests soon turned violent as they were hijacked by left-wing groups such as antifa and Black Lives Matter activists.

As in other demonstrations across the nation, rioters in Portland took to smashing cars and vandalizing businesses — racking up millions of dollars in damages in just one night.

“On Friday night, protesters broke the windows at the downtown Portland Apple store to steal a desktop computer that they then used to break the window of another store. Numerous retailers reported building and looting damages in the millions,” Oregon Live reported.

As the mob mentality intensifies, Americans are being attacked while merely trying to defend their property or businesses.

A man trying to protect his neighborhood from being ransacked by looters was stoned and beaten into unconsciousness.

An elderly man was horribly assaulted and his car was lit on fire when he tried to defend his vehicle against a gang of rioters.

The list of these despicable brutalities keeps getting longer.

The man refusing to lose his grasp on the U.S. flag shows the patriotic spirit many Americans still possess. In their eyes, the flag is a symbol of gratitude for the abundant freedoms our country provides.

Loving this country is not evil, but yet that is the narrative that many on the left want to proclaim — as evident in this brutal mob case.

Beating innocent people to a pulp in the name of justice is perhaps the most illogical narrative the left has ever conjured.

What happened to the man holding the flag should never happen in this country. Violent leftists have shown that they will go to great lengths to try and persuade people who love America to cower in fear.

With President Donald Trump announcing the designation of antifa as a terrorist organization Sunday, now it might be the dangerous radicals’ turn to run for cover.

As the man was beaten down, he never lost his grip on the flag.

The American spirit, though under attack, still persists.

Author: Amalia White

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Jun 02, 2020

No one went to his aide? I think we still live in America, right. This isn’t somalia or Iran.

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