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White House Discovers Who 'Anonymous' Leaker Is, Has Perfect Punishment for Her

Ever since 2018 the White House has been working to uncover who the senior Trump administration official was known as "Anonymous." The mysterious leaker gained notoriety after publishing the infamous article in The New York Times titled “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration” and subsequent book dealing with much the same ground. The piece vehemently attacked President Trump and claimed he was unfit for office.

Now, nearly 2 years later and after an extensive investigation, the White House is convinced they've discovered who the "Anonymous" leaker is. Special: Eat THIS Before Bed to Get Rid of Tinnitus/Ringing Ears?

The traitor's identity has been revealed as former national security adviser, Victoria Coates.

Former Senior White House Adviser Victoria Coates

But rather than firing Coates after learning what she did, Trump had an even better idea to get revenge on her. He quietly transferred her to Saudi Arabia.

Here's more from Real Clear Investigations:

Rather than fire Coates, the White House has quietly transferred her to the Department of Energy, where she awaits special assignment in Saudi Arabia -- far from the president.
Trump effectively demoted Coates just four months after promoting her last fall to the No. 2 spot on his National Security Council. The move was made amid a whisper campaign, started in January, that identified Coates as “Anonymous,” the person who wrote the Times Op-Ed and a subsequent book, “A Warning,” claiming to be part of a cabal of “fellow Republicans" resisting Trump and his policies from inside the administration.
The Washington press corps has for the most part dismissed the whispers as “unsubstantiated rumors” circulated on the Internet. But the sources said the identification of Coates was based on circumstantial evidence generated from a months-long White House investigation led by sleuths within the NSC. Top White House adviser Peter Navarro, who works with the NSC on trade and other issues, also was heavily involved in the probe of Coates.
She declined to discuss the matter on the record with RealClearInvestigations and has retained an attorney, friends say, although several colleagues have rushed to her defense, insisting the White House has the wrong person. But a source involved in the NSC probe who asked not to be identified said there was little doubt. “It’s her,” the source said of Coates. “That’s why she was shown the door.”

Hope she enjoys her new life in Saudi Arabia. I've heard living under sharia law is a blast for women.

Apparently King Salman recently issued a decree that now allows women to drive, so they've got that going for them.

Oh, and women were just given the right to travel without a male relative's permission.

In all seriousness though, sending Coates to Saudi Arabia couldn't have been a more perfect punishment. Whenever she comes back to America maybe she'll actually have a newfound respect for our country and our president. Or maybe she won't. Either way, at least she's far, far way from President Trump.

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Marilyn Ehlers
Marilyn Ehlers
Apr 20, 2020

Why, in all this World would they not put "it" in front of a firing squad? "it" is a TRAITOR! TRAITOR'S are not supposed to be allowed to live. it is not a Republican. it is not even a democrat. IT IS A TRAITOR! Hey! you guys, I think you need some help from ME.

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