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40+ Radical Programs Democrats Don't Want You to Notice in Biden's Budget

The sticker-shock of President Biden's $3.5 trillion budget is bad enough. Unsurprisingly, the specific radical provisions within it are more cause for alarm. Thankfully, staff of the Republican Study Committee — at the direction of Chairman Jim Banks (R-IN) — has taken the time to review all the nonsense within the bill to give the American people a better idea of just what Joe Biden and his allies on Capitol Hill hope to pass without scrutiny.

In a Twitter thread, the RSC shared some of the highlights — nay, lowlights — of Biden's budget proposal by breaking out more than 40 programs and policies that range from inane to insane.

Biden's budget includes commissioning "climate police" (RSC point #2) at the cost of $8 billion to create "a cabal of federally funded climate police called the Civilian Climate Corps (CCC) who will conduct progressive activism on taxpayers’ dime."

It also "includes new incentives for illegal immigration" (RSC point #7) in the form of eligibility for illegal immigrants to "take advantage of Democrats’ new ‘free’ college entitlement as well be eligible for additional student aid and the enhanced child tax credit."

Another Biden priority (RSC point #11) is apparently "$643 million for, among other things, 'procuring…culturally appropriate foods'" — whatever that means — for school lunches.

The budget bill would fund "kickbacks for the Left’s green energy special interest network" (RSC point #15) to the tune of "$5 billion for 'environmental and climate justice block grants' and another $100 billion in green energy special interest subsidies, loans and other carve outs."

No bill would be complete without porky kickbacks for Democratic leaders, so of course "$200 million is earmarked for the Presidio Trust in Speaker Pelosi’s congressional district" (RSC point #22).

In addition to plenty of focus on nebulous "equity," the budget will fix “racist” roads and bridges by including "a nearly $4 billion slush fund that would help left-wing grassroots organizations that, among other things, want to tear down and rebuild or otherwise alter infrastructure deemed 'racist'" (RSC point #27).

Contradicting one of his own promises, Biden's budget will increase taxes on "Americans at every income level" (RSC point #35) as "$2 trillion in tax hikes will fall on those making under $400,000 per year, contrary to what the White House says."

And because all of this nonsense will require and expand the number of unelected bureaucrats in the federal government, the bill will provide for an "$80 billion slush fund to hire an 87,000-IRS-agent army to carry out the Biden administration’s plan to review every account above a $600 balance or with more than $600 of transactions in a year" (RSC point #40).

The full list of Democrat nonsense contained with Biden's budget can be viewed here, and as the RSC concludes, "Each of these 42 bullets is enough to vote against the bill. Taken together—it’s mindblowingly corrupt."

Calling for Republicans to "loudy oppose" Biden's budget, the RSC explains the moment of opportunity they see in Congress right now:

Democrats are scattered. The Biden agenda is in question. It’s the perfect opportunity to build public sentiment against this bill. The American people need us to be the vanguard against the Left’s radical plans. It’s not an understatement to say this bill, if passed, will fundamentally change our country forever— Americans will wake up in a few years and wonder what happened to their freedom. We can’t let that happen.

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Americans, this is our wake up call.

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