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Antifa Punk Learns Brutal Lesson in Justice After Opening the Wrong Car Door

Independent journalist Andy Ngo has been recording and posting to Twitter for years with footage of the violent radical left-wing group known as antifa.

From his base in Portland, Oregon, Ngo has long warned of the threat this domestic terrorist group poses to the United States.

On Monday, he posted a video that shows how antifa terrorists respond in a weak and childish manner when they actually face consequences for their actions.

In the brief video, a man Ngo described as part of antifa opens a motorist’s car door.

The driver immediately responds by fighting back and pushing his assailant back down on the pavement.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic language and violence.

Many responded to Ngo’s tweeted video by noting how pathetically fellow antifa members reacted when the motorist fought back.

“Were they calling the police on the black man? After opening his car door? The police they try to defund? Black man whom BLM suppose to be fighting for?” one asked.

“Yes, they provoked the situation, drew him out of his car and into a fight and then wanted help to come running. That could’ve ended so badly for the black man, right?” another replied.

One commenter noted how these rioters behave as if they never went through the natural maturation process as children.

“When humans learn about maturity for the first time, they tend to push the boundaries, to see what the can get away with.

Being new at maturity, they’re not yet able to handle the consequences … “

Portland has been under siege for months. The city’s Democratic mayor and Oregon’s Democratic governor have refused to take any action to quell the violence.

Antifa and BLM activists are known to target individuals in cars who may not have the ability to successfully defend themselves. Previously, as Fox News reported in 2018, in antifa terrorists in Portland were caught on video bullying an elderly motorist and a woman in a wheelchair.

In Columbus, Ohio rioters attacked a man in his car who had cerebral palsy, according to Breitbart.

In Fredericksburg, Virginia, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson reported last month, a mother with a young child in the back seat of her car made a terrified call to 911 as “protesters” surrounded her car for 30 minutes until she was finally able to get out.

In that particular case, the 911 dispatcher told the woman to call City Hall because there was nothing the police could do. It was only after Carlson played audio of the 911 call on his show, leading to public outrage, that the mayor of Fredericksburg finally agreed to let law enforcement do their job and crack down on protesters who blocked roads.

In many cases, besieged citizens have been left with no choice but to put pedal to the metal and drive through the mob to save their own lives. Even then, liberal media like National Public Radio initially portray the rioters who get hit as supposedly innocent victims.

These domestics terrorists apparently believe they never have to face consequences for their violence, in large part because Democrat-controlled cities have given them free rein to commit mayhem.

When they face any push back, they cry victim. They are like little children who yell “But I didn’t do anything!” when they are punished for bad behavior.

The motorist in Ngo’s video was strong enough to fight back when someone tried to enter his car. He was extremely lucky that a larger mob was not nearby to then overpower him.

The responses of the rioters who provoked his reaction by first attacking him and his property is telling. They seem to not believe they did anything wrong. They have no healthy moral compass.

Antifa and BLM are dangerous to the republic. Until the cities and states where they have taken control elect politicians willing to defend their citizens, many innocent men and women will be left in the position of that lone man in the car in Portland.

Sadly, some may not have the capacity to fight back as he did or may be wrongly prosecuted or maligned by Democratic politicians and media when they do defend themselves.

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Brittany said it right. They’re real good at playing the victim, and they get their whole family to join them. The eventual goal is to file a lawsuit when they find a black lawyer foolish (and greedy) enough to take the case. When will this country wake up and stop electing Democrats?

Me gusta
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