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Antifa's Chilling Plot Exposed in Undercover Sting

An undercover video just released by Project Veritas exposes Antifa's chilling plot to destroy America and go after Trump supporters in the process.

The video features an Antifa operative who was with an Oregon branch of the domestic terrorist organization for quite some time. He is no longer with them.

In the video an Antifa leader encourages violence, but says members should try to hide it so photos don't capture them doing it.

At one point, a group leader instructs members how to hurt people during their so-called peaceful protests. “Practice things like an eye gouge. It takes very little pressure to injure someone’s eyes,” the leader advises.

During another point, a group leader tells members to go directly after Trump supporters and provoke them until they explode. He claims doing so will not only demoralize Trump supporters, but also turn them against the Trump movement as a whole.

The operative revealed that the Oregon branches of Antifa were being coached in their domestic terrorism tactics by an Antifa leader who had moved to Sweden.

“They were getting this tradecraft from someone else — someone with much more experience, someone who did this for a living,” the operative stated.

The undercover operative highlighted how Antifa tries to spark as much anarchy and chaos as possible by resorting to violence.

He said that Antifa members purposefully try to look the same so that nobody can be identified in the act of committing a crime.

President Trump officially declared Antifa a terrorist organization this past week. Leftists lost their minds when he announced it, and claimed he wasn't allowed to do that because Antifa is not a centralized organization.

Well, the undercover operative said this is false. He said Antifa seems to get outside funding and has a clearly established hierarchy.

Antifa's ultimate goal is to destabilize the United States. Once that happens, they want to usher in a socialist revolution. Antifa leaders think they can accomplish this by inciting violence and terror. In their minds, if they scare people enough they will be easier to manipulate.

Sadly the mainstream media plays directly into their ploy with its constant race-baiting, setting the perfect platform for Antifa to capitalize on situations like the one we are in right now.

Here's the video:


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